Quality and available sizes

  • Q70
  • Sizes: 70/140cm, 90/190 cm, 90/200cm, 100/200cm, 140/200cm, 160/200cm


The waterproof premium protector with PET membrane scores with its breathability. The membrane is concealed between two layers of cotton flannel using a special gentle adhesion process. This adhesion process ensures that the adhesive does not impair the air circulation activities of the membrane. 100% waterproof, this protector is indispensable in particular situations and its special breathability ensures an ideal sleeping climate.


  • two layers of absorbent 100% cotton flannel, white
  • inner lining: breathable, waterproof PET membrane
  • Weight: approx. 450 g/m²
  • environmentally friendly and chlorine free bleached

Special Features

  • with a particularly fine, breathable membrane – Ret ≤ 20
  • waterproof
  • noise-free
  • with a soft, textile hand
  • easy care
  • washable at 95 degrees and tumble dry
  • the breathability of the protector has been tested and confirmed by the independent Hohenstein Institute
  • Certificate number HL 09.4.6399