Treatment labour services / fabrication labour services


As a specialist for excess widths and a service-orientated partner, Wülfing provides labour services in the fields of treatment, weaving and fabrication. The company has extended all production stages to cater for fabrics over 3m in width.
Fully integrated in Borken, Wülfing also provides the advantages of speed, reliability
and short logistics routes.






Our offer


Treatment labour services


Dyeing to a width of 3.20 m
Roughening to a width of 3.60 m
Sanforizing to a width of 3.40 m



Weaving labour services


Up to a width of 3.90 m


Fabrication labour services


Automated fabrication is conducted in Borken, and the manual fabrication of home and household textiles of all kinds is carried out inexpensively in our subsidiary in CZ.