Sustainability and social responsibility are a fixed part of the Wülfing company culture. The aim is to link the best possible product quality with effective environmental protection as well as corporative and social responsibility.

At Wülfing, environmental protection and rational utilisation of energy are considered highly important. We have made it our task to design our production processes so that they are ecologically responsible. For reasons of resource efficiency, Wülfing only uses the quantity of chemical additives which are actually required in order to achieve the necessary effects such as bleaching and dyeing. In the treatment processes, chemicals are not generally used, as mechanical procedures are used where possible. Energy-saving measures such as cold bleaching, thermal recovery and the utilisation of waste heat are also deployed.

This standard concerns the entire added value chain - from the raw materials via all production processes right up to the finished product and logistics. Long-standing, reliable partners who represent the same company philosophy accompany us on our way. In addition, we are constantly holding talks with diverse organisations and institutions, in particular with regard to social and ecological labels.



  •  Since July 2007, Wülfing has been a member of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative)

  •  All Wülfing products are Ecotex Standard 100 certified

  •  Products made of organic cotton fulfil the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and are certified appropriately