Quality and available sizes

  • Q466
  • ca. 40 x 80 cm


The box-spring pillow consists of three layers to individually adjust the pillow height to suit your sleeping habits. 3D Mesh ensures the optimal position of the spine.


  • Cover: Sateen (100% cotton) with climate control (100% polyester) and zip Padding made from 100% polyester Hollow fibre, quilted
  • Pillow cover with different coloured edging
  • Filling:
    one core pillow: Cover: sateen (100% cotton), filling: 3D Mesh (100% polyester) with extra puffy thermal fleece (100% polyester)
    2 supporting pillows: Cover: sateen (100% cotton), filling: extra puffy thermal fleece (100% polyester)

Special Features

  • You can set the pillow height individually using the three compatible layers
  • personally adjustable degree of firmness
  • Climate control ensures the ideal exchange of air and moisture transport
  • breathable and a high degree of sleeping comfort
  • completely washable at 30 degrees